Styrofoam wholesale - styrofoam with delivery to the UK and Ireland

In our warehouse of styrofoam, you can easily buy styrofoam with delivery for investments in the UK and Ireland. Despite the fact that the price of styrofoam per package in Poland has increased, it is still attractive. The prices on the website do not include transport. Up to 60 styrofoam packages can be delivered with a BUS car. The most profitable option is to buy the entire set, i.e. 360 styrofoam packages. The cost of delivery depends on the delivery address.

How to buy cheap styrofoam with delivery in Poland?

You can buy styrofoam through the panel in the store. Choose the package that interests you and choose add to cart. Then you have to enter all the necessary data in the basket. Choose personal pickup as the delivery method. After clicking order, you will receive an email and confirm the order. You are under no obligation to purchase at this stage. As soon as possible, you will receive an e-mail offer with the cost of delivery to the address indicated in the basket. If you accept the offer, we will prepare an invoice in euro according to the NBP exchange rate from the previous day. After paying the invoice, you send us the payment confirmation or the screen of it and we order the transport. Order fulfillment time is about a week.

Purchase of styrofoam at net prices for companies.

If your company has an active NIN or PPS number for purchases in the EU without VAT, you can buy styrofoam at net prices. You can check whether your NIN or PPS number is active at the address:

Is the purchase of styrofoam in Poland profitable?

We often sell styrofoam to EU customers, so it definitely pays off. Our warehouse is one of the largest in Poland and we have an EORI number, which means the transaction is completely safe and risk-free. The high standard of our services is evidenced by positive opinions that you can easily find on the web.

The prices of styrofoam per package vary depending on the manufacturer, so if you are not sure which styrofoam will be the best solution for you, please feel free to send an inquiry to our e-mail address.

Enjoy Your Shopping !!!